Mobile Opens Hit 44% and Takes a Dive

[ 0 By is back to shake things up in our June email opens report. first came screeching onto the scene in April, showing up in the #7 spot as Hotmail was retired. The following month we saw a 20% increase in opens as dethroned Apple Mail for the long-held #4 spot. And now, just a month later, has returned to #6.


Explaining’s Volatility

I attribute the month-long success of mostly to hype. Thanks to quirky ads, partner offers and Microsoft’s “Scroogled” campaign, there was a lot of publicity surrounding Hotmail’s replacement. I personally saw banner ads all over the place, and even got a little creeped out by Scroogle’s incessant reminders that Gmail is reading my messages. I suspect all the ads and scare tactics paid off, leading the curious and privacy-conscious to sign up and see what all the fuss was all about, leading to a spike in opens.

Gmail inbox

No changes to Gmail opens

With the release of Gmail’s new auto-filtering inbox, many have wondered if we’d see a decrease in Gmail opens. However, looking at the past year of Gmail opens, we’ve only seen a tiny decrease (just under a 9% change, and less than a percentage point). Since Gmail’s new tabbed interface is an optional addition, my feeling is that adoption as been low. If open in Gmail continue to decrease, that may be a sign that the new tabs are partially responsible, but I’m not ready to lay blame just yet.

Mobile hits 44% of total email opens

Chart of change in overall opens June 2013

Mobile opens also continue to nudge gradually forward, clocking in at 44% of total opens for June. Desktop and webmail opens each lost a percentage point, bringing webmail clients to 23%, and desktop with the remaining third of opens.