Mobile Email Opens Increase 123% in 18 Months

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We’ve seen some major changes in mobile email opens in the past year and a half. As of September 2012, 38% of all opens were on a mobile device, compared to only 17% eighteen months ago—that’s a 123% increase in mobile opens! Recently, we’ve even seen some email campaigns that had over 60% of opens occurring on a mobile device.

Mobile email opens grow 123%

Majority of mobile opens in iOS and Android

Diving deeper into specific mobile operating systems, the majority of these opens are being made on iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android devices:

Mobile opens: detail

Mobile opens by mobile operating system:

  • iOS: 80.34%
  • Android: 18.93%
  • Windows Mobile: 0.34%
  • Kindle: 0.28%
  • Blackberry: 0.11%

We recognize that some email clients and devices (Apple Mail, iPhone, iPad) may be over-represented due to the prevalence of image blocking (email opens are tracked when images are enabled). However, we find the most valuable aspect of this data to be the overall upward trend of mobile opens. Whether or not you take image blocking into account, it’s undeniable that opens on smartphones are rising rapidly.

Know your audience

What’s an email marketer to do? Don’t ignore this trend—find your own mobile audience using Email Analytics and optimize your emails for mobile!