Mobile Email Master Class Videos are LIVE!

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After wading through hours of footage, the videos from our mobile email design master class are finally ready!


Here’s a summary of what you’ll find:

Designing for (Almost) Every Device
Ros Hodgekiss discusses what’s pushing the demand for mobile-friendly newsletters and shares her comprehensive 4-step planning process to design emails for (almost) every device.

Five Tips for Better Mobile Emails
Five tips in under five minutes! If you’re strapped for time, Elliot Ross shares some “quick wins” for making your email experience great for mobile users without the need for media queries and responsive design.

Easy Ways to Implement Mobile Email
In this live coding session, Elliot covers how to easily create responsive emails with with just three CSS classes. Download the sample HTML to follow along.

Big Picture Email Development
An expert in the noble art of “good enough,” Fabio Carneiro shares insights learned after creating robust, flexible and forgiving mobile friendly templates for over 2.5 million users.

Pushing the Limits of Email
Jonathan Kim will encourage you to break free from practicing defensive email design and start innovating with with CSS3, SVG animation, email heatmaps and other #nsfo (not safe for Outlook) techniques.

Email at Twitter
A fascinating look at how Twitter builds their amazing responsive emails, including Mircea Pașoi‘s tips for Internationalization, secrets to data-driven A/B testing and plenty of innovative messaging techniques you’ve never heard before.

Between taping the workshop and one-on-one time with each speaker, there is some fabulous content in these recordings. You’ll learn about responsive techniques and mobile email design straight from world-recognized experts.


Videos are available to anyone with an active Litmus subscription—you can find them at the top of the Extras tab inside your account.


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