Mastering the Art of Mobile Email: Workshop Recap

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We recently hosted a one-of-a-kind mobile masterclass at our office, where we attempted to uncover the elusive black art of mobile email design.

We spent the day diving into responsive design, media queries, image optimization, and more. Ros Hodgekiss, Elliot Ross, Fabio Carneiro, Mircea Pasoi and Jonathan Kim joined together to show attendees practical, hands-on strategies and techniques that they could take home and apply right away. In fact, one of our attendees was happy to report back that he had already created a responsive email based off what he learned in the course. Amazing!


Not to brag, but we received some pretty amazing feedback that we just had to share!

“This is the only workshop of its type that I’ve seen… The speakers were top-notch and very approachable… The entire day felt very thought out and well-planned.”

“There was never a doubt that the workshop would be valuable to me. You set expectations about the content from the get-go and every single speaker was well-prepared, super smart, and interesting. You really took care of us at a level I’ve never experienced at a workshop.”

“This is the new standard to which I will hold all future workshops I attend.”

“Overall I feel the workshop was great! Not only was the information good, Litmus was extremely welcoming. The speakers personalities and the environment made for a fun day of learning. The networking at the end of the day was exceptionally fun.”

“I really loved the conference. We will be implementing our first responsive email this month because of it. Thanks!”


The workshop was filmed and the speakers even graciously offered to come in the next day to do some additional taping so that we could make portions of the workshop available to everyone. Stay tuned for those to be released, as we’re still working out the details and wading through hours of footage. We’ll keep you updated here on the blog and via email. We’re also considering holding additional events in the future. If you’re not on our email list, you can easily sign up here:


In addition to their own great content, the speakers had lots of great resources to share:


While a webinar can never replace the awesome hands-on learning of a workshop, I’ll be covering strategies and approaches for tackling mobile email in our upcoming webinar, “Mobile Email: Why, What and How” on April 9th.