MarketingSherpa Recap: Mobile, Market Share Stats & More!

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Justine, Danielle & I recently got back from MarketingSherpa’s Email Summit in Las Vegas and, while it was a busy few days, we loved every minute of it. Meeting our customers face-to-face, answering questions, and receiving priceless feedback are some of our favorite aspects about attending conferences. And, of course, we loved being able to talk about email — our favorite subject!

And, we talked A LOT about email, especially mobile email. In fact, not only did we talk about it at our booth, Justine also hosted a roundtable discussion, “5 Fundamentals of Mobile-Friendly Emails.” She covered a lot of territory in just 15 minutes:

  • The fundamentals of what makes an email mobile-friendly.
  • Different strategies for approaching mobile emails.
  • Quick wins that you can implementing changes to your program right away.
  • Myths, rumors and things to avoid.

In case you weren’t able to catch her roundtable, you can check out her presentation and its corresponding handout. We also passed out copies of January’s market share stats, complete with a 12-month look at how mobile email has grown.

And, of course, we talked a lot about Litmus as well! Lots of current customers wanted to learn about our new features, and future customers (wink, wink) learned a lot about the tools we’ve grown to love. We typically break the Litmus suite into three main areas: Email Previews, Email Analytics and Spam Filter Testing.


Email Testing

  • Real Screenshots: Preview your campaign across 40+ email clients & devices in minutes.
  • Interactive Testing: Interact with real email clients to make changes and see updates in real-time.
  • Code Analysis: Receive a compatibility report addressing client-specific CSS bugs in your HTML.
  • Landing Page Testing: Never click links when testing your emails again — let us check them for you!


  • Focus Testing Efforts: Find out where recipients are viewing your messages to fine-tune testing and optimization efforts.
  • Track Forwards & Prints: Detect when a recipient uses the “forward” button in their email client, rather than those done via a web form.
  • Identify Mobile Users: See which customers open with Android or iPhone. Segment your lists in ways you never thought were possible.
  • Did They Read, Skim or Delete?: Break down your open rate to see how long each recipient kept your message open.


Spam Filter Testing

  • Reputation Check: Check the reputation of your outgoing mail servers.
  • Scores and Feedback: Get your spam score along with feedback to help adjust email content.
  • Major Spam Filters: ISPs and webmail providers, corporate filters and sender verification.

We also offered a free trial to everyone that stopped by, although that’s nothing out of the ordinary! We always offer a risk-free, free 7-day trial on all of our subscriptions (and happily provide refunds if you’re not thrilled with our service). This lets everyone kick the tires, ask questions, and see how Litmus can help!