MailChimp Contest Winners: Who Are the Lucky 5 Going to TEDC14 for Free?

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Since The Email Design Conference is run sponsor-free (meaning you get amazing, pitch-free content in an environment full of other email designers—not vendors), we’re left with little room for discounts. However, to help support those with a limited travel and events budget, our friends over at MailChimp helped to spread the email love by providing conference tickets, plus workshops, to five lucky winners.


The contest was a major success—we had hundreds of entries! After combing through entries and tweets, these are the five lucky winners:

Jessica Black, Contently
Amy Cesal, Sunlight Foundation
Ted Goas, Canfield Scientific
Kevin Reid, Reid-Lewis Strategy Group
Kathryn Vannelli, Minnesota Wild

Kathryn’s entry is too good not to share! Check out the awesome poem she wrote:

“I’m an email designer,
And I’ve been on the fence –
Wanting so badly
To attend your conference.

I can code with the best,
And would love to learn more –
But you hold the key
To get me through the door.

So here’s my big chance
To learn epic email art,
For a few days in Beantown
To become “wicked smart.”

So Litmus and MailChimp
Please hear my plea –
Award me tickets to the conference
And I’ll be tweeting #TEDC14 with glee!”

Thanks again to MailChimp for their generosity and love of email!


Are you interested in giving away tickets to the event? We can work with you to hold a random drawing, host a contest, or ask for applications—it’s up to you! You can also decide how you’d like your guests to represent your brand in return for your sponsorship of their ticket. Perhaps you’ll ask them to tweet, guest blog, or wear your company shirt? It’s your decision, but we’ll help you promote your giveaway and even run it for you!

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