Mac testing just added

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Yesterday we added Mac browser testing to SiteVista. We’ve got both Internet Explorer 5 and Safari. And, yes, we’ve got FullPage captures working with both (where you get a screen capture of the entire web page, even if it scrolls)!

One quick thing I should mention is that Internet Explorer 5 on the Mac and Internet Explorer 4 on Windows seem to be crashing when loading certain pages. As far as I can tell, it’s due to JavaScript stuff that they don’t understand.
If you continually get “There was a problem with this test” messages on those two browsers, try cutting any JavaScript from your site and trying again. If it subsequently works, clearly you’ll need to do some kind of browser sniffing to hide the JavaScript. I’m going to put a note about this within SiteVista at some stage, but perhaps this will help people in the meantime.