Live chat services & browser compatibility

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We’ve recently added a “live chat” button to the SiteVista site. There seem to be lots of these live chat services around now, so it was a case of weighing up the different features etc. in order to chose which one to go with. However, LivePerson (who seem to be the market leader) don’t support a range of browsers! Firefox is out (in fact, last time I tried, LivePerson’s chat window crashed Firefox), and so are Safari and pretty much anything else except IE. Not impressive at all.

We’ve gone with BoldChat Plus. They support a decent range of browsers and it’s not too expensive. The user interface is pretty dire, though.

Anyway, we’re going to keep this live chat feature on the site for a few weeks and see how many people use it. What do you think? Do you find these live chat services useful – do you ever use them?