Little Changes That Make a Big Difference [Litmus Product Updates]

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It’s the little things in life that matter, right? We’ve made a bunch of small changes that make a big difference to your experience! The entire Litmus team has dedicated a day a week for the last month to working on feature requests and improvements. After a few of these “Support Fridays,” we’ve racked up quite the list of enhancements to share with you!


Thumbnails Grouped by Platform
We have to admit—our organizational skills were a little off-par beforehand. Now, email clients are clearly grouped by platform, so you can quickly review your desktop, mobile, or webmail clients all together.

Mobile Webmails Name Change
Since the launch of Android webmail testing, there was a bit of confusion between webmails (Gmail, Yahoo! and other web-based clients viewed in a desktop browser) and mobile webmails (those same services, just viewed in a mobile browser), so we now better distinguish between the two.

User Feedback on Forwarded Emails
Since many email clients can alter/change HTML emails on a forward or a reply, we recommend sending emails directly to Litmus from your email service provider for the most accurate rendering results. If we detect FW:, FWD:, or RE:. in the subject line of an email sent to your Litmus account, we’ll let you know, and suggest sending in a fresh copy instead.

Spam Testing with HTML Uploads
Our spam filter testing includes reputation scoring, but only when your email is sent to multiple “seed” addresses provided by us. To get the most accurate spam score, it’s important to send the email for your Litmus test from the same place that you’ll send your final campaign. Uploading your HTML when including a spam filter check will only scan for questionable content, and might provide a less-than-accurate spam score.



Share Subject Line, Link Validation and Code Analysis Results
Now, when you publish email tests to share with others, you can also share your subject line checker results, landing page and link validation, and code analysis all from the same link!

We’ll Warn You Before Sharing Incompatible Results
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If you marked any of the results as incompatible when going through your Litmus screenshots, we’ll mark these with a warning message when you select which clients to share on published pages. We just want to make sure you aren’t sharing results that you don’t mean to!


Switch Between Litmus Accounts

If you have multiple Litmus accounts registered under the same email address, you’ll find you can access all your accounts from the Account Switcher tab. Accounts are grouped by full/paid accounts and trials. They’re also listed alphabetically for easy finding.

Mobile Email Design Master Class Videos
Weren’t able to make it to our Mobile Email Design Master Class? We have over three hours of exclusive footage available only to Litmus subscribers! These videos are located within the Extras tab of your Litmus account.


If you have any feedback about how we can further improve Litmus, we’d love to hear your suggestions! Let us know your thoughts below, or send an email to