Litmus Redesign: Your Favorite Testing Tool Gets a New Look

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Litmus has always been focused on great design (we’re even hosting three conferences dedicated to it!). After nearly five years, we knew it was time to take our website and application to the next level. Over the summer, we did a major overhaul of our marketing site and blog. The feedback was amazing.

With a sleek new website in hand, we moved onto the Litmus application. What tweaks and changes can we make to ensure our customers are having the best experience possible?

With helpful ongoing feedback from our customers and the Litmus team, our designers and developers began an update. After months of work, it’s finally ready to launch later this week. And, not to brag, but we think it’s pretty amazing. We can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the new and enhanced Litmus!

These changes have been made to all Litmus accounts! Just log in to see all the updates.


To enhance the customer experience, we’ve updated the dashboard to have improved organization and a better use of screen real estate. Rather than only eight thumbnails displaying your test results, we now have infinite scrolling and thumbnails.


In addition, you can choose to view your results as a grid of thumbnails, or in a list, via the sliding navigation bar at the top.


With these options, as well as the search bar, it’s easy to search through existing tests. In addition, through the collapsable side panel, you can filter test results by tags, as well as date.


Other improvements to the dashboard include:

  • Easily differentiate between email and page tests. Each page test is marked with a green envelope icon, while page tests are marked with a blue browser icon.
  • Identify who created each test via their profile avatar.
  • Sorting between your tests and all tests on the account.
  • Switch between accounts in one click.
Update: We’re Saying Goodbye to Page Testing

In order to simplify and focus our efforts on what we love most and what we do best—email—we’ve decided to remove our Browser/Landing Page Testing feature from Litmus. Page Testing will be retired on Tuesday, February 28, 2017.

Learn more →


Starting an email or page test has never been easier! With our streamlined client selection page, you can simply select what clients — and which versions/browsers — you’d like to test in.


Once your results have rendered, simply scroll through them as you did before. Watch out for the sleek scrolling view of your test thumbnails for easy browsing.


It should be noted that this scrolling view is displayed vertically on the left-hand of your screen when viewed on large screens and horizontally at the top of your screen when viewed on smaller screens.

Also, while nothing has changed with the tool itself, we’d like to point out that our link validation tool is now called “link check,” rather than “landing page testing.”


Similarly to our dashboard updates, we opted for a better use of space and organization for our Email Analytics tool. You’ll notice that it looks more streamlined and sleek! We also enhanced the style on our graphs so they’ll look extra impressive when you show your boss.


Email Analytics users also have the ability to easily share their results! You can share your results from the campaign’s report page, or within the Engagement and Email Client Reports.


Litmus blog and help articles

Now you can access our help articles and blog easier than ever before! With persistent links at the top of the site, you can navigate there with one touch from any page within the app.


Customer API

Easily access your Customer API key through your account dropdown.


With our Customer API, you can control your Litmus account via the API. This is ideal for companies seeking to build applications that integrate Litmus’ testing tools into their internal processes.

Masterclass Videos

In the spring, we hosted a one-of-a-kind mobile masterclass, where we attempted to uncover the elusive black art of mobile email design. We spent the day diving into responsive design, media queries, image optimization and more. Ros Hodgekiss, Elliot Ross, Fabio Carneiro, Mircea Pasoi and Jonathan Kim joined together to show attendees practical, hands-on strategies and techniques that they could take home and apply right away. And, luckily for you — we recorded the whole thing!

Whether you attended or not, as a Litmus subscriber you have access to over three hours of this exclusive footage. Videos are available to anyone with an active Litmus subscription and can be found at the top of the Extras tab inside your account.



What do you think of the redesign? We’d love to hear your feedback! Simply leave us a note in the comments section below or tweet at us!