Litmus Instant Previews Now Available Within Movable Ink Platform

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To get the most out of email’s incredible ROI, you need to send relevant, contextual campaigns that look great and are are easy to interact with. If anything in your email appears broken, you could not only lose that ROI advantage, but also annoy your subscribers and damage your brand reputation. That’s why it’s essential to preview your emails in the email clients your subscribers use before sending.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce a new partnership with Movable Ink, the global leader in contextual email technology. Their users now have the ability to test their emails directly within the Movable Ink platform, equipping even more email marketers and designers with the resources to start building better email.

Let’s take a look at the integration!

Inbox Previews in Movable Ink, Powered By Litmus Instant Previews

Through an integration with Litmus’ Instant Previews API, you can find Litmus-powered previews in two different parts of the Movable Ink app:

Email Builder

After you build or upload your email into Movable Ink’s HTML builder, you’ll be able to see how your email appears across email clients and devices.


Based on aggregate data across all Movable Ink clients, you’ll also see “Top Devices” from the past 30 days, allowing you to make the best possible decision on where to focus your optimization efforts while designing.

Live Content

If you upload the full email HTML into Movable Ink’s Live Content tool, you’ll also see a list of top devices and most popular email clients for your campaigns and subscribers.


If you have a Movable Ink account, login today and start testing.

Build Better Emails With Litmus + Movable Ink

All Movable Ink clients can access up to 375 previews per month. This new integration will help you focus your optimization efforts on the devices and clients your subscribers are using. That way, your email team can focus on being creative and strategic, instead of spending time on tedious, repetitive tasks.

Learn more about the integration →

Expand your product offering with the Litmus API

Litmus’ Partner APIs allow the flexibility to seamlessly integrate Litmus features into your own app (just like Movable Ink has done!). Give your users the functionality to build, test, and monitor their emails with confidence.

Interested in expanding your toolset? Learn more about Litmus’ API offerings.