Litmus Email Testing and Analytics Now Available in the ExactTarget HubExchange

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We have exciting news—ExactTarget customers can now download Litmus as an app in the HubExchange to use directly within the Interactive Marketing Hub!

The Litmus HubExchange app enables users to preview their emails in mobile, desktop and webmail programs, gather behavioral data and preflight their campaigns. ExactTarget clients can now:

  • See how their emails appear across 30+ clients and devices
  • Track email client usage across their subscriber base
  • Identify mobile openers

We’re thrilled about this integration as it marks a big stepping stone in our relationship with ExactTarget! ExactTarget clients—and even their own services and marketing teams—have been using Litmus for years. With hundreds of joint customers, it’s very exciting to see the platforms join together to offer an email testing and analytics solution .

Download the app →