Litmus Builder: Edit and Preview Responsive Emails as you Type

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With mobile email opens continuing to rise — they’re currently at 47% of all opens and we’re predicting they’ll surpass 50% by year end — there has been an increase in talk about the importance of responsive design and other mobile-friendly design tactics.

We know that writing responsive emails can be a daunting task, especially if you’re starting from scratch. There are a lot of considerations when writing responsive emails that render properly on all clients and devices.

However, starting with a proper template can help immeasurably. Testing your design on a mobile device early in the design process is equally important. With those solutions in mind, I began my Hack Week project — Litmus Builder.

Litmus Builder

Litmus Builder is a free tool that strives to help solve both of these problems. We’ve created a cloud-based responsive email editor pre-loaded with templates that provide an instant mobile preview as you type. We feel that having feedback during the initial design is key to starting the process of sending better emails. When it comes time to test your email in 30+ email clients using Litmus, the fewer surprises, the better.



Sharing your work is an equally important part of the design process. Litmus Builder lets you easily save and share your designs with anyone. You can link people to your latest design, or to a specific version, allowing you to continue working without affecting what they’ll see.

Use it on your next campaign!

Have an upcoming campaign that you’re interested in making responsive? Use Litmus Builder!

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