Litmus Builder: A Code Editor for Email Design and Development

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In 2013, Jordan, one of our senior developers, and Alan, our lead designer, launched a hack week project called Litmus Builder. The tool was a hit and we received lots of positive feedback from the email community. As our email designer, I was a big advocate of the product and loved to use it when creating Litmus’ emails. Together, all three of us wanted to expand on the initial project and build a more robust version of the tool. And, together we did just that.


A few months ago, we sat down and interviewed a dozen of the world’s best email designers. We wanted to know what tools they were using, what their workflows consisted of, and the key challenges and problems they faced when building amazing emails.

After many of these interviews, we began to notice a trend: email designers have been using tools created for the purpose of web design, not email design. And, frankly, we all know that web design and email design are very different.

We invited the interviewees, along with 100 other email designers, into a beta program aimed at developing a new workflow. With hundreds of comments and endless feedback, we’ve carefully refined and crafted the tool into what it is today. This isn’t just a product that Litmus has built, it’s a product the email design community has built.

Today, we are thrilled to introduce the world’s first code editor built for email designers by email designers: Litmus Builder.


Builder is built with an email-first mindset—no other code editor has approached their product development in this way. And, it’s backed by a community of the world’s best email designers.

Build your emails from scratch or use pre-existing templates

Start your emails as a blank slate, use one of our pre-tested templates, or create your own—it’s up to you! Take advantage of customizable snippets, HTML/CSS inline auto-completion, and Emmet integration to make shorthand coding a breeze.

litmus builder templates

Test your emails with a single click

In seconds, you start a Litmus email previews test, as well as send a real test email to your own inbox. Testing is literally at your fingertips—it’s never been easier or faster.

litmus builder one-click testing

Real-time desktop and mobile views

Ensure that your email is easy to interact with in all environments by simultaneously viewing it in both mobile and desktop dimensions as you build.

desktop and mobile email views

Easily troubleshoot your emails

If you’re having issues with certain email clients, testing with Builder in multiple email clients is incredibly fast with one-click Litmus re-testing. Making changes to your email and re-testing has never been easier.

Easily navigate your HTML

Click on any HTML element in the preview pane and land on that element directly within the code editor.

litmus builder grid view

Simply share your email with a link, or embed it on any website

With a single click you can create a public version of your email to embed and share with others. Having a rendering issue? Share it in the Litmus Community to get feedback! Here’s what an embedded Builder looks like:

Timeline of your email build

With timeline view, you can view your entire email’s history. See who made changes and when and easily restore any version at any time.

litmus builder timeline

Your email workflow will never be the same. You can build emails in half the time with half the hassle, so you can spend more time actually designing your emails and less time testing them.


To showcase Builder in all of its glory, we hosted two webinars to cover its features and functionalities. Didn’t have a chance to attend? Don’t worry. We recorded the whole thing.

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Here’s what some of our early users are saying about Builder:

I’ve used coding programs that ranged from Notepad to Dreamweaver, Sublime to Brackets, and Litmus Builder is by far the best for email development.

– Ben Carver, Steadfast Media

I love the instant preview and pop-out functionality. It’s so fast to develop emails in Builder and the development setup is completely flexible to my liking.

– Justin McMillin, The George Washington University

The Builder interface is beautiful, clean, and intuitive. It’s as good as any editor I’ve used with an added ease of testing that’s impossible beat.

– Jenny Salita, Ideapark

Builder is such a massive time saver. I’ve literally saved hours testing with it.

– David Kirkby, HTK Limited


This is our editor. We hope you will  join us in building the perfect email editor and revolutionizing the email industry. We can’t wait to see what we build together.

Do you have a Litmus account? Builder is included in your subscription and is already in your account waiting for you!

Don’t have a Litmus account? Sign up for Builder today and start streamlining your workflow.

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