Know Your Speakers for Litmus Live 2014: Vicky Ge

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Litmus Live is right around the corner and it’s packed with great talks from a bunch of amazing speakers. The email community is a tight-knit group, but we can always get a bit closer, right?

With that in mind, we asked the speakers a few questions to get to know them better. We’ll be posting their responses over the course of the next few weeks leading up to the conference.

Vicky Ge is the Senior Marketing Manager for TASER International, Inc. Marketing primarily to the law enforcement industry, Vicky is well-versed in what it takes for successful niche B2B campaigns. Vicky earned a degree in Art History and Economics from Harvard University and can be found illustrating and teaching French in her free time. Catch her on Wednesday, August 20th when she’ll be talking about data-driven, customer-first design at Litmus Live.

How long have you been in email marketing?

I’ve been formally fiddling around with marketing automation—primarily email marketing—for a year at TASER International, Inc. Before, I did some newbie MailChimp-style email marketing for non-profit groups in college.

Who do you think is crushing it with email?

Litmus—ha! It’s true, though. I enjoy both the informative content and innovative design decisions.

In B2C email marketing, I admire Julep. Their marketing emails are beautiful and polished, with clear CTAs and stunning photography. The design is seamless amongst product, website, and marketing collateral. How could I not purchase their nail polish?

In B2B email marketing, I admire Expensify’s no-frills, plaintext, CEO updates. A reporting tool needs to get the right information across to finance departments and c-suites; there is no need to get too fancy. I respect that decision.

Finally, I admire the email reminders of airlines, like US Airways, not for the look and feel, but more for how email fits holistically into the customer experience. For these airlines, all email communication — marketing or operational — shares the same branding, footers, contact information, etc. and is synchronized with website and SMS communication. That’s some good planning!

What can we expect from your talk at Litmus Live 2014?

You can expect an honest reflection on email marketing from a B2B perspective — tests that informed and surprised, designs that succeeded and failed, and “ugly” emails that actually crushed it.

The design versus data struggle is real, so I am excited to share my learnings with everyone.

My hope is that you leave the session with an open mind to challenge assumptions and a framework to measure those challenges.

When you’re not knee deep in Outlook issues, what do you like to do?

I’ve always been an avid illustrator (though I minimize it at company meetings). You can check out some day-dreaming at or follow my Tumblr at

On weekends, I moonlight as a French instructor for high school and college intermediate-level students. Vous aussi, vous pouvez apprendre le français!

What was your first email address?

That data, like my first Xanga and MySpace accounts, will never be revealed.

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