Kitbag and Lyris Increase Opens with Mobile-Optimized Email


We love to hear about how customers are using Litmus in their businesses, and it’s even more exciting when they have results they can share! When the Professional Services team at Lyris told us how using Email Analytics enabled them to create mobile-optimized email for Kitbag’s subscribers, we were thrilled! Read on to hear their story.


Kitbag is Europe’s leading online sports retailer. Recognizing the importance of staying ahead of online marketing trends, they wanted to understand their mobile subscribers better. Their services team at Lyris team turned to Email Analytics in order to determine which email clients Kitbag’s subscribers were using and their levels of engagement.

Kitbag & Lyris Logos

After tracking their email results from December 2011 to February 2012, Kitbag learned that:

  • 35% of its email opens come from a mobile device
  • 22% of its email subscribers use the Apple iPhone
  • 66% of mobile opens come from Apple iPhone users
  • 98% of those iPhone users view their emails with the phone’s built-in email client

With 22% of total opens, the iPhone was the most popular email client among Kitbag subscribers.

After analyzing this data, Kitbag wanted to know how their emails rendered on mobile devices. They used Email Testing to determine if their emails were mobile-friendly and, if so, did they look good on a full-size screen as well.

Full size kitbag email on iPhone

Above: full size Kitbag email viewed on an iPhone

With the help of Lyris, Kitbag weighed the pros and cons of best practices for mobile design and decided to create emails designed specifically for mobile users. With Lyris’ help and insight from Litmus, Kitbag began creating email templates that were mobile-friendly; these new templates included larger text, touch-friendly buttons, and lighter HTML.

Mobile optimized Kitbag email design

Above: mobile-optimized Kitbag email design

The iPhone-optimized design featured the following changes:

  • 400 pixels wide (350px less than the full-size design)
  • No pre-header text
  • Removal of navigational buttons
  • Single-column layout
  • Large text and calls-to-action
  • Streamlined content
  • Inclusion of the main message near the top of the email


In order to test the success of their new templates, Kitbag sent the regular/desktop email to 50% of its iPhone users, and the mobile-friendly email to the remaining 50%. What did they find? The open rates for the mobile-friendly email were nearly 9% higher than the regular email!

Kitbag Opens Chart

Lyris also discovered that the lighter HTML and images used in mobile-friendly emails downloaded faster on mobile networks, contributing to improved open rates. They’ve consistently found higher open rates for emails with smaller file sizes.

Email version Average file size Average open rate
Non-optimized full size 17.42KB 39.84%
Mobile-optimized 9.35KB 43.38%

To see how you can reduce the weight of your emails, check out Lyris’ post, “Are your Emails Overweight?”

Kitbag and Lyris used Email Testing and Email Analytics to increase their open rates by creating targeted marketing campaigns that were optimized for mobile subscribers. You can also download the full case study from Lyris.

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