Announcing Joyride

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Sprint Week was exactly that—a sprint! Last week, each of the developers at Litmus worked hard to design and implement something (anything!) that would help drive business here at Litmus.

Eddie also had several ideas for awesome features to add to Litmus, and his decision came down to a concept he had as a Litmus customer. While we’ve offered cross-browser website testing for years, the end result is a series of simple static screenshots for each browser selected. If part of your acceptance testing includes checking boxes, filling out fields, or submitting forms, there hasn’t been a great solution for automating that series of steps—until now.

Joyride allows you to test websites that require these types of user input and delivers a series of screenshots that reflect each step along the way.

You can ask Joyride to:

  • Visit pages
  • Fill in text fields
  • Click links
  • Press buttons
  • Choose fields
  • Check/uncheck boxes
  • Select values

For example, if I wanted to test all the steps between visiting my Litmus account subdomain and logging into my account, I could fire up Joyride and set up the appropriate actions:

Joyride would then get to work:

And return my screenshots before mom noticed the car was gone! 🙂

The end result is a nice, tidy package of screenshots that reflect every step in the process of logging into my Litmus account. Without Joyride, it would have been difficult to nab this shot of the dashboard inside my Litmus account:

Go ahead and take Joyride for a spin!