JetBlue Inspires With A Holiday Jingle & S-Curve Design

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It’s always a nice change of pace when companies do something completely different than their typical emails. When I received this holiday email from JetBlue, I was really impressed — it’s much different (in both design & content) compared to their templated emails offering deals. The design is great and the content is fun — what’s not to love?!


The first thing I’d like to note about this email is how fun the content is! The header, “Jingle your way through holiday travel — to the tune of ‘Jingle Bells’,” explains to the reader how should they should read the rest of the email. And, it definitely worked on me! I found myself humming the tune to Jingle Bells in my head while I read the email. It made the email fun to read—I read the entire thing!

Rather than being outwardly promotional, JetBlue is able to showcase their benefits in a fun manner via this song-like email. In this email, they talk about their extra legroom, free first checked bag, free snacks & drinks, and many other benefits of travelling with JetBlue. In a typical email, this would feel overwhelmingly promotional, but due to its fun wording and flow, it doesn’t feel that way at all.

In addition, the main content of the email ends with a fun banner, “From all of us at JetBlue — holiday cheer and happy New Year!” By ending the email with this fun rhyme and holiday sentiment, it definitely left me feeling positively towards JetBlue.


Another aspect of the email that I really enjoy is the infographic-like setup. Paired with the “S-curve” design of the email (alternating text and image between the left and right sides of the email), which follows subscribers’ typical reading patterns, the reader is encouraged to scroll down the entire email.

Another great aspect of the design is the color scheme. While all of the live text in the email is black, there are pops of blue and green. The typical JetBlue color is found in the text of the header, as well as in all of the images in the body of the email. The addition of a vibrant green in the header and footer add a little holiday cheer to the email without overdoing it. JetBlue is able to maintain their branding while still adding a little holiday vibe to the email!


Since many email clients disable images by default, it’s important to optimize your emails for images-off viewing. Since JetBlue uses live text throughout the body of the email, the email doesn’t look too shabby with images disabled!

While JetBlue does use ALT text in the banners and the logo, it would have looked even greater had they used styled ALT text and a colored background. They could have made it look like the banners were still there regardless of whether images were enabled or not! While ALT text in the body of the email would have been a nice touch, the amount of live text means it’s not totally necessary.


With more and more people opening their emails on mobile devices (and only 3% viewing it in more than 1 environment), it’s important to make sure your emails not only look great on a mobile device, but that they are easy to interact with as well. While the banners and images in this email from JetBlue still look great on a mobile device, the rest of the email could use some mobile love!

Since the font in the body of the email is only 12px (and 10px in the footer), the email is difficult to read on the small screen of a smartphone. In addition, since the all of the links in the email are text links (some which are very close to each other), the links aren’t very touch-friendly. JetBlue might consider using a scalable or responsive design in order to optimize the email for viewing in all environments.


Since some email clients (Gmail, Outlook, iPhone, Windows Mobile 7) will display a portion of your preheader text as “preview” or “snippet” text, it’s important to use these few lines of text to your advantage. It’s the perfect place to get your subscribers’ attention, sum up your email, and include a call to action.

In this email, JetBlue’s preheader is the same as their subject line, “A JetBlue Jingle Jam.” JetBlue could have used this prime space as an opportunity to further encourage their subscribers to open the email.


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