Introducing Scope: Share Emails and Inspect HTML Easily

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Have you ever received a great email and wondered, “how did they do that?” Or wanted to share an awesome email you created, but was worried it would break when forwarded? Without easy access to the source code or a web-based version, these can be tricky tasks — and an issue we frequently encounter when analyzing emails for our inspiration posts.

Knowing we weren’t the only email geeks facing this issue, we created Scope:


Scope creates a clean, shareable version of any email — complete with desktop and mobile previews — in a single click. Easily show off your new responsive design techniques, or just double check that your text version is formatted correctly.


Scope’s sleek code inspector decodes and cleans up HTML, making it crystal clear to view.


Scope is free! No signup or subscription required. Just add the bookmarklet to your browser, and start scoping! Currently, Scope works with Gmail, and desktop apps for Mac and PC are also coming soon.


We’re giving away an annual subscription to our Plus plan in what may be the easiest contest ever. To win, Scope an email and share the link on Twitter, make sure to the include the hashtag  #emailinspiration in the tweet:

The winner will be chosen at random and will receive an annual Plus subscription to Litmus worth $990! The contest will run for a week: from Tuesday, April 30th through Tuesday, May 7th, with the winner being announced on Wednesday, May 8th. You’ll also want to be sure you’re following us so we can send you a direct message when you win.

NOTE: This contest has concluded. Congratulations to James Keddington — our winner! And, a big thanks to all that participated!


Do you have any questions about Litmus Scope? Check out our help article, or feel free to email us at

  • Kate Gowers

    Cool app…but…Reading the help article, it is currently only working for Gmail (I appreciate you guys are working on other clients). Given that Gmail strips out CSS, how will responsive design be rendered?

    PS it would be good to mention here in the blog and on the splash screen that it only works in Gmail at the moment – I had to check out the help article to find that out (and experiment myself).

    • ish

      Yes! I had to forward the email to my Gmail account in order to scope. Great tool, regardless!

      • Justine, Litmus

        Thanks for the feedback! The Scope landing page does mention this, but I also updated the blog post as well.

        Regarding CSS, Scope grabs the raw/original source of the email, so any changes made by Gmail (or any other email client) won’t affect the Scoped version. The “desktop” view on Scope is a browser frame, so it’s essentially the same as viewing the web version of the email, while the mobile view is based on iOS.

  • Matthew Caldwell

    this is bad ass! Litmus will you marry me?

    • Justine, Litmus

      YES! But only if we can honeymoon in Hawaii.

  • Todd Temple

    For some reason the only info I retained from the video pitch was the Members Only jacket and the beer bottles on the desk. (snicker)

    • Justine, Litmus

      The important things! :)