Introducing Matt

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As a longtime Litmus fanboy and customer myself, I’m excited to join the team here. The idea of my new position is very meta: I’m an email marketer creating email marketing campaigns about email marketing and sending them to email marketers. As many (hopefully most!) of you are part of that audience, let’s get to know one another, shall we?

Meet Matt, Senior Email Marketing Manager

Although I’ve been in the email industry for three years, my roots are in non-profit theater. I got a BFA in Dramaturgy (Google it!) from the University of Oklahoma, where I once had approximately two lines as First Watchman in Romeo and Juliet. With proper encouragement, I can still sort-of recite them now if given the proper time to do vocal warm-ups.

Since transitioning to email marketing, I’ve been focused on creating “subscriber first” email experiences that build genuine relationships between brands and subscribers, and I look forward to doing that at Litmus. If there are things you think Litmus emails could do better, tweet at me and let me know!

When I’m not busy crafting email strategy and protesting broken cached images in Gmail, chances are you’ll find me watching Beyoncé music videos or encouraging the adoption of “y’all” throughout the greater Boston area, as I’ve struggled to drop my native Texan vernacular. My general opinion of Boston so far is, in fact, “There’s so much snow, y’all!

For those of you who attended The Email Design Conference, you might remember me from when I gained notoriety (some would say “embarrassment”) by rapping TLC’s “Waterfalls” as lunchtime entertainment, as you can see in this video of ridiculous outtakes from the event:

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