Streamline Your Email Review Process: Introducing Litmus Proof

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Getting a great email out the door is a team sport—teammates, clients, or colleagues in other departments are often involved in the email review process to ensure that each email meets the requirements set by the various stakeholders. But including so many people can make collecting feedback a painful process—and one that eats up a significant amount of time.

Marketers spend 3.9 hours on average getting an email reviewed and securing approval. That’s more time than they spend on email copywriting, design, development, or any other component of email production. And if your team grows, the process only becomes more complex and more time-consuming—a challenge we’ve faced here at Litmus, too.

When your feedback and approvals process becomes a time drain

For a long time, we’d simply send a test email to a group of people on the marketing team, and discuss any edits via Slack, our main communication tool. But as the team grew, this process wasn’t working anymore. Maintaining test groups in our ESP became a painful process. Collecting feedback across departments and multiple time zones became harder, and since feedback was coming in through various channels—email, Slack, Google Docs—the seemingly simple step of compiling all feedback became a mammoth task on its own.

We knew there had to be another way, so we set out to find a solution. Today, we’re excited to introduce Litmus Proof.

With Litmus Proof as your centralized tool for collecting feedback, you can improve collaboration, get better visibility, and enjoy fewer review cycles—and ultimately get your emails out the door, faster.

Streamline the email review and approval process

Share email campaigns with just the click of a button and make it easy for stakeholders to highlight edits and make suggestions directly on your email.

Improve collaboration and maximize team efficiency

Say goodbye to juggling feedback from different communication channels. Share feedback, consolidate conversations, and resolve questions in a single, centralized application with ease.

Increase email effectiveness with better visibility and control

Get the right people involved at any time. Assign specific reviewers to email proofs or create designated review groups—for example, by department, project, or client.

Get started with Litmus Proof

Litmus Proof is currently available on Litmus Enterprise plans. Find out how Litmus Proof can streamline process and talk to an Litmus expert to get started.

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