Introducing Litmus Community

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Litmus has provided the best tools for email marketers for years. Whether it’s email previews, analytics, or spam testing—we pride ourselves in building well-crafted, valuable tools for the email industry. Today, we’re adding another another resource to that list. We are excited to announce the launch of the Litmus Community.


Why a Community?

Email marketing is hard.

From design to deliverability, there are countless questions that need answering. Until recently, finding a place to ask them was nearly impossible. Resources exist in the form of blog posts, guides, and white papers, but hunting them down has always been a problem. And, while Twitter helps, actually being able to discuss email topics with other practitioners has been tricky at best.

I’ve written before about the need to email marketers to share their knowledge. By sharing information, starting discussions, and working out problems together, all of us will benefit. The day-to-day life of an email designer will drastically improve. The Litmus Community is our way of making that process easier.

We knew it was time to build a place where email marketers could go to connect, get their questions answered, and grow their skills and relationships. That place is the Litmus Community.

What’s in the Community?

We wanted to build a resource unlike any other for email marketers. The Community aims to enable email geeks to easily discuss topics that matter, troubleshoot and refine coding techniques, and expand their knowledge of all things email. To achieve those goals, the Community is split into three sections: Discussions, Code Questions, and the Learning Center.


Discussions are where email marketers can connect with one another around topics that matter to them. It’s a forum for talking about issues that affect the life of the email marketer (hello, Gmail image caching). Through discussions, Community members can talk strategy, design, testing, tracking, and pretty much anything else.


Anyone can start a discussion. Have some thoughts on email marketing? Share them with the rest of the Litmus Community.

Code Questions

Code Questions are where email designers can troubleshoot problems with their markup or refine a new responsive technique. Outlook or Gmail giving you trouble? Post some code, describe your problem, and see what the best email designers in the world have to say about it.


Need help figuring out a pesky rendering issue on mobile? Ask a code question now.

Learning Center

The Learning Center is a growing collection of articles on a variety of email topics. From email client overviews to tutorials on how to implement ALT text, the Learning Center aims to be the ultimate knowledge base for email marketers.


We’re working hard to add in more resources each week. For now, why not learn about some of the foundations of email design?

Join the Conversation Today

The Community isn’t a community without people. We’ve been testing things out in a limited beta, but we’re excited to announce that the Litmus Community is now available to all Litmus users. Access the Community today and start connecting with and learning from the best email marketers around.

Not a Litmus user? Try out Litmus free for 7 days and join in the conversation today.