Introducing Ed

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We’re excited to introduce you to Ed — the newest member of the Litmus gang!


Introducing EdEd is a software developer who has lived in the Boston area his entire life. While he graduated from U-Mass Lowell, he prefers to think that most of his education as a software developer came from his time at a handful of local companies doing web, desktop and mobile development.

Ed is excited to join the Litmus team not only because he’s a former customer, but also because he’s good friends with another Litmus developer, Eddie. Ed is a huge fan of Microsoft’s development tools (including the .NET platform), and is excited to hone his skills while expanding his programming knowledge at Litmus. He has already started working on some features with Brendan and is looking forward to his first “ship it” moment when he releases something he’s crafted to the Litmus community.

When he’s not working, Ed tends to bounce between interests. Last year, it was the creative sandbox-style PC game “Minecraft.” This year, he’s taken a shine to arcade collecting and repair. He’s owned  and refurbished three pinball machines so far and plays weekly in a local league.

When he’s not gaming, Ed can be found spending time with his fiancée, cycling around Boston, and listening to bands that you swore broke up years ago. You can follow Ed on Twitter @richthofen.