Introducing Brian

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We’re thrilled to introduce the newest member of our team—Brian!



Brian is joining Brendan, Justin, Ed, and Dave on the back end development team. He brings 10 years of .NET experience, as well as over 4 years of cloud experience which he earned while working for an EMS provider (WordFly), digital agency (POP), and an enterprise consultant (Avanade). He’s excited to work with the well-seasoned developers here at Litmus and looking forward to expanding his own skills, while sharing lessons he’s learned from his experiences.

When he’s not busy working or geeking out about how to best use AWS to build massively scalable applications, you can find him hitting the slopes—acting both as a ski instructor and student. Since he lives so close to Mt. Hood, he’s able to do this almost year-round! When the chairlifts finally shut down, he can still be found on the mountain—chasing gravity on his mountain bike. He suspects both of these activities are just another excuse to geek out over technical topics—biomechanics and ideal movement patterns, anyone?

Join us in welcoming Brian to the team! You can find him on Twitter @brianfeucht—drop him a tweet and say hi!


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