Introducing Alkaline

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Update: As of May 2014, we have retired Alkaline. We recommend testing directly within the browser so you get the most out of testing, including Image Check, Link Check, Subject Line Checker, Interactive Testing, Code Analysis, and more for your email tests. If you have any questions, please shoot us an email!

Today we’re releasing a new product: Alkaline. It’s a desktop application that lets you run Windows browser tests on your Mac, using Litmus.

It even integrates with other Mac applications like Coda and TextMate, so you can run browser tests from right inside these popular design tools.

To see exactly how it works, watch the two minute screencast I recorded earlier today, then download it and try for yourself.

It’s interesting that whilst there have been recent announcements from Adobe and Microsoft about their new browser testing software, no-one has so far offered anything specifically for Mac users. We’re Mac users ourselves here at Litmus, and I know many of our customers are, too. I hope Alkaline helps to fill that gap.

I know Alkaline 1.0 will be very beneficial to Mac-based web designers, but I’d like to see it evolve into the de-facto testing tool on the Mac. We’ve got some great ideas for where Alkaline could go in the future, but I’d love to hear yours too.

Either drop us an email, or leave a comment below. Let’s talk about how we can make Alkaline the best possible browser testing tool for Mac-based designers.

By the way, Alkaline was built by the folks at Shiny Development. If you’re looking for any Mac (or iPhone) application development I’d highly recommend them.