Announcing integration with CakeMail

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We’re delighted to announce the integration of CakeMail and Litmus. Starting today, all CakeMail’s users have full access to the Litmus email testing service from right inside CakeMail’s interface. They’ve done a really nice job of integrating the two services.

Screenshot of CakeMail interface

What’s particularly interesting about CakeMail is their new plugin architecture. It allows third party developers to write email marketing add-ons and sell them to CakeMail’s customers. It’s like Salesforce’s AppExchange for email marketing. Litmus is their first plugin, and many more are on the way.

The CakeMail interface itself can also be completely re-branded. They bill it as ‘white label email marketing’. If you’re a design agency you might be interested in using it to sell an email marketing service to your clients.

You can read more about the Litmus integration with CakeMail on their blog.