Integration News: Pardot Users To Access Engagement & Device Usage Data

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Longtime Litmus partner Pardot recently announced the addition of an Email Analytics integration to their platform. The integration allows users with Pardot’s advanced email package to view engagement stats, print and forward data, along with email client and device usage.

An example of Pardot’s email client/device report

“Knowing what devices or email clients your prospects use can clue you in to where to spend your design time. If you know that almost none of your prospects use a certain client, you know that you don’t need to beat your head into your desk trying to make your email pretty for it. On the flip side, if you see that a significant portion of your recipients open their emails on a mobile device, make sure to have a simple template, use responsive design, or include a link to a mobile version of your content, ” says Adam Blitzer, COO and co-founder of Pardot. We couldn’t agree more!

Pardot’s new reports also show detailed engagement stats, including the percentage of email openers who read, skim, or glanced at messages. Also included is forward or print statistics.

“Open rate can be a useful metric but don’t you want to go beyond that and see if your email was actually read? Now you can.”

To learn more about this integration, check out Pardot’s announcement, “New email reports: skims, reads, glances, and forwards and recipient device type.”

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