Integration News: Communicator Users Now Have Access to Litmus Email Testing and Spam Filter Tools

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We’re thrilled to announce that Communicator has integrated Email Previews and Spam Filter Testing within their platform.

This integration enables Communicator users to preview their campaigns across real email clients and devices in minutes. With the addition of Spam Filter Testing, Communicator customers can now have their authentication and reputation checked, as well as receive scores and feedback for common ISP and corporate filters.


With these quality assurance tools in hand, Communicator users can now quickly and painlessly test their emails and highlight any issues before send. The email workflow process just got a whole lot simpler!


Communicator is offering two levels of this integration: Free and Premium.

Free Version

The free version allows for Email Previews for Outlook 2003 and Gmail (Internet Explorer). Spam Filter Testing is not included in this option.

Premium Version

With the premium version, users have access to Email Previews in over 30 clients and devices in minutes. You can now preview how your message looks in the preview pane, and with images on and off. You can even realistically scroll through the email!


In addition, users will also have access to Spam Filter Testing. A poor spam score can negatively affect the deliverability of your email so testing this before sending can help to ensure your email reaches the recipients’ inbox.

This tool checks your IP address and any domain names used in your email against known blacklists and report any that could affect your delivery. In addition, it verifies that email authentication methods such as DKIM, SenderID, and Sender Policy Framework are set up correctly.

Not only will you receive your spam score, you’ll also receive an explanation of why you got that score. This advice helps you adapt your email’s content to improve delivery rates.



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