Inspiration: Spotify Anniversary Email

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As part of a new blog series here at Litmus, we will be looking at emails that come into our inbox and sharing our thoughts. Let’s kick it off with an email that we received from Spotify in mid-July.

Spotify 1-year Anniversary Email

  • Subject Line: Thanks for an incredible year!
  • From: Spotify <>
  • Email:

We really like this email! It’s informative, fun, and the images flow nicely. The infographic-like set up entices viewers to scroll down and read the entire email. Playful graphics paired with reminders about all the great features they’ve released in the last year make this email an exciting, fun read. And, really, what’s not to love about Spotify? Here at Litmus we are BIG fans!

However, although the email has a great set up, we did find some room for improvement. For example, the “no-reply” email address dismisses future communication between Spotify and its subscribers. As Justine stated in an earlier post, “Get Your Email Opened: First Impressions Make an Impact,” a “no-reply” email address can “appear unfriendly, uncaring and may even negatively affect your delivery rates. Customers may reply with questions, ideas, and other valuable feedback you could be missing out on!”

In addition, the entire email is one image and, since many email clients do not display images by default, the email may appear blank to recipients (see the screenshot below).

solution to this problem would be to ensure that your images come with ALT text. Another resolution to this problem would have been to slice the email into smaller sections and include a combination of images and HTML text so that you could read the text even if the images were blocked. Here’s a quick illustration:

Slicing emails for image blocking

We’d love to know what you think of this email – yay or nay? Let us know!