Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview


At their recent MIX event in Las Vegas, Microsoft announced an interesting new tool for designers and developers – the Internet Explorer 9.0 Platform Preview.

To understand what the Platform Preview is, it might be easier to talk about what it isn’t. The IE 9 Platform Preview is not a beta of the next Internet Explorer version. It’s not meant to be used by consumers in any way. The Preview is specifically targeted at the development and design communities. It has no back button, no bookmarks, not even an address bar. It is, as the name indicates, a preview of what’s to come.

It demonstrates a major shift in strategy for Microsoft. They’re tipping their hand, showing us what will be available, and—almost more surprisingly—asking for the community’s feedback. A quick read of the IE blog post announcing the preview indicates they’re specifically looking for feedback on their HTML 5 parsing rules, XHTML support, inline SVG, and CSS3.

Here at Litmus we’re pretty excited by this shift in strategy and equally excited to get a sneak peek of what’s coming from Internet Explorer. We’re so excited in fact that we couldn’t wait for the beta version of IE 9.0 to come out. We’re pleased to announce that we are currently offering the Internet Explorer 9.0 Platform Preview to all our customers.

Remember, it’s just a preview. Your site may not look great just yet, as Microsoft is still working out all the kinks. Microsoft has announced that they will be releasing updates about every 8 weeks and we’ll be updating right along with them.