Identify Problems and Troubleshoot Your Email with Code Analysis

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Code Analysis is new and improved!

We’ve listened to your feedback and re-introduced Code Analysis with some brand new features. Troubleshooting your email just got easier.
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We can’t say it enough: creating HTML emails is tricky. Even with loads of resources to help fix common issues, the bugs that cause rendering problems can be tough to crack.

Introducing Litmus Code Analysis

Code Analysis provides a compatibility report addressing client-specific CSS bugs in your email’s HTML. The report—based on Campaign Monitor’s legendary CSS support matrix and a few home-grown bonus rules—identifies incompatible CSS in your HTML and provides warnings along with their corresponding line numbers from your code.

Code Analysis compatibility report

As you click on each warning in the report, your HTML will automatically scroll to the location of the warning in your code.

Code Analysis HTML viewer

Identify, fix and preview issues quickly and painlessly

Code Analysis is great for identifying problem areas so you can fix issues quickly and focus on more important things. Better yet, using Code Analysis in conjunction with Interactive Testing makes troubleshooting a breeze.

Get started using Code Analysis

Code Analysis is available immediately and included with all Litmus subscriptions. To run an analysis on your email, simply run an email test as you normally would (either by sending us a test email or pasting in HTML).

Code Analysis automatically included in every test

Code Analysis is automatically included on every new email test created in your account.

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