How To: Find Who Opens Email on Mobile

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Email marketing is all about knowing your audience. Creating valuable, relevant content in an accessible format is crucial, especially now that mobile email opens are at an all-time high.

With Litmus’ Email Analytics, you can dig deep into your email open stats and find out who is opening on iPhone, Gmail, Outlook and more. You can also identify who forwarded or printed, and how long each person kept the email open. Tracking down to the individual user is easy, so you can segment and target your lists. You can even track geolocation!

How it works

It’s super simple: all you need to do is create an account (you can sign up for a 7-day trial), grab our tracking code, put it in your email, and send as you normally would. I explain the whole process in this video:

After you have all your stats in hand, it’s decision time. How do you act on the data? If you’re seeing a high percentage of opens on mobile devices, you might want to consider a scalable or responsive design. Or maybe it’s time to consider beefing up your testing. You can also use your data to send targeted messages, like announcing a new app to frequent iPhone users.

Feel free to email our friendly support team with any questions that you may have — we’re happy to help you out!