Hotmail’s Graymail: Their Plan of Attack

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Hotmail started rolling out new graymail features on December 14th. Get the details.

Inbox providers are constantly improving the tools, methods and algorithms they use to help filter spam, organize messages and provide an excellent experience for their users. In a recent blog post from the Windows Live team, Hotmail declared war on “graymail,” thus creating a new term for the newsletters, offers, and other email communications many sign up for but soon may find overwhelming or no longer relevant. This comprehensive set of tools will allow Hotmail users to organize their inbox in new and different ways, but may also affect how the emails you are sending to subscribers are being read.

Hotmail Declares War on Graymail

How do you anticipate your email design or content to change as a result of these announcements? Chad White, Andrew Kordek and Remy Bergsma have offered their opinions in this Focus discussion. Feel free to add your comments below.