Hiding ‘Today’ Ads in Yahoo! Mail

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Just yesterday we wrote about how Yahoo! Mail recently started displaying news story ads to Yahoo! users viewing their email on a smartphone or through an IMAP connection. Today we’re happy to announce that we’ve found a method for preventing these pesky ads from being displayed on your emails.

Hiding news story ads

To remove the spacing, simply add the following to your CSS styles:

XHTML-STRIPONREPLY {display:none;}

If you’re using a WYSIWYG template editor to create your emails, you can also pop in the following bit of HTML. You’ll want to be sure your editor offers an HTML or source view that allows you to view and edit your email’s HTML.

<style type=”text/css”>XHTML-STRIPONREPLY {display:none;}</style>

As we noted in our previous post, the news story ads don’t always display consistently, and it’s impossible to predict which emails the ads will appear on. That said, in several emails we tested this out with, the ad content was present in the HTML, but was successfully hidden each time.

Many thanks to awesome Litmus developers Eddie, Brendan and Matt for helping dig into this and brainstorming for a fix.