Have Webmail Users Gone Mobile?

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In the last year, mobile opens have increased 24% (from 41% to 51% of total opens), while webmail opens have decreased 36% (from 28% to 18% of total opens). On the surface, it appears as though mobile opens continue to grow at webmail’s expense, but is that really the case?

The ten-percentage-point swap between mobile and webmail environments points to a fascinating trend: the massive behavioral change for subscribers using web-based email accounts like Gmail, Yahoo! and Outlook.com. Users of free web-based email services typically have IMAP access to their messages, making their email accessible from virtual any email client they choose.

To dive deep into the mobile/webmail divide, we analyzed more than 6 million opens from webmail accounts to examine the behavior and preferences of their users.

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  • 61% of webmail users open on mobile—Tweet this
  • 39% of all webmail opens are on iOS—Tweet this
  • Webmail users prefer mobile: 68% of opens on Gmail/Yahoo!, 56% at AOL + 47% on Outlook.com—Tweet this
  • About 1% of emails sent to an AOL address are opened using Gmail—Tweet this
  • Outlook.com users stay loyal to Microsoft for desktop email access w/ 83% market share—Tweet this