Go Responsive with 7 Free Email Templates from Stamplia

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With nearly 50% of emails opened on mobile devices, it’s important to keep small screens in mind. We offer plenty of mobile optimization tips, inspiration and resources on the Litmus blog—and starting today, we’re also offering 7 pre-tested and bulletproof responsive templates for your next campaign.

Our friends at Stamplia offer an email template marketplace with tons of beautiful, pre-tested templates that will work with any ESP—and their talented-team has created seven Litmus-exclusive templates that are now available to download for free! Each template is responsive and has been thoroughly Litmus-tested (yes, that means they even work in Outlook, Gmail, and the rest of those tricky clients!). They also come with PSD source files so you can tweak and modify to your heart’s content.

Download the Templates


Tempo is a clean and colorful template, perfect for blog updates and newsletters. Its ample whitespace and s-curve design invite readers into the email, and the large heo image, navigation, and touch-friendly CTAs make converting on mobile as easy as ever. View the Litmus results →



Wooshi’s appetizing visuals and grid-based layout are perfect for product-filled newsletters. With sections for both image- and text-heavy content, you can feel confident that all your customers will be satisfied.

View the Litmus results →


For the minimalist designers, Simples provides a clean, elegant template that puts the focus on products and features. The lack of ornamentation ensures that your message gets across in a clear, no-fuss manner. View the Litmus results →



Underscore provides a more traditional newsletter feel with a large hero image and sections for quick news items, as well as longer articles. The classic design stacks on mobile, providing a great reading experience for subscribers on smaller devices.

View the Litmus results →


Nexit is ideal for retail brands looking for a simple, adaptable template. The product sections, navigation, and text-based banners ensure an email that customers can scan all day long. View the Litmus results →



Who doesn’t love Minions? Minty focuses on a simple and minimal email design, but contains every possible structure you may want for your email: S-curve design, 1-column, 2-column-, and 3-column layouts.

View the Litmus results →


Tubor’s highly structured, 2×2 grid is perfect for modern newsletters. The large featured section keeps important updates front-and-center, while the mobile view stacks secondary sections for a wonderful reading experience. View the Litmus results →

Stamplia Marketplace + Editor

In addition to responsive templates, Stamplia offers a variety of templates that are perfect for newsletters, transactional emails, events, alerts, notices and more. Their marketplace offers an affordable solution for teams without a specialized email designer on staff (most of their templates are under $15!). Freelancers and email designers also benefit from being able to share their expertise by contributing new designs. Stamplia also offers a free drag and drop editor for templates purchased in the Stamplia marketplace—providing the option to customize text, images, colors, and more.

Download the Templates

Looking for even more free templates?

We’ve created 5 additional templates that work with any mailing service. Their pre-tested, bulletproof, and free! 

Check out the templates →

  • https://metalabs.io Vlad Miller

    This templates looks very good, how can I get them?

    • Manuel Castillo

      Vlad the link to download us in the post

      • http://www.litmus.com Justine, Litmus

        Hi Vlad, as Manuel said, you can just enter your email in the box and hit the “download” button. Let us know if you have any problems!

        • FuzzyCoherence

          The email box and download button don’t work on Chrome but do work in IE11. Same for the login buttons when replying to comments.

          • https://metalabs.io Vlad Miller

            Yeah, I’m using Chrome, that’s why I didn’t saw it. Thank you

  • Manuel Castillo

    Pretty Cool thanks!

  • Manuel Castillo

    Hi Lauren, what email editor can these templates be used with? are they good for campaign monitor or mailchimp? Thanks!

    • http://www.litmus.com Justine, Litmus

      The templates can be used with any ESP! You’ll just need to insert the applicable tags to make them work with your platform’s WYSIWYG editor, if needed.

      • Kirk

        I went through a couple of these and I see empty table cells and rows being used for spacing. Is there a trick to making these easy to maintain via an html editor like found in Bluehornet or SilverPop? I hand these off to clients and I don’t think they would be able to add new content blocks based upon the table structure.

        • http://www.litmus.com Justine, Litmus

          As you mentioned, the empty table cells and rows are used for spacing. This type of spacing strategy shouldn’t interfere with the editors found in ESPs. In order to add new content blocks, ESPs typically offer a template language that you’d need to add to the HTML to get the templates working within their system. For example, you can see Campaign Monitor’s template language here: http://www.campaignmonitor.com/create/editable-content/#multiline

  • Jody Gibbons

    Great thanks for the share and post!

  • Nathalie

    Thanks to Jeremie Berrebi for sharing the offer, it’s great !

  • Shannon Crabill

    Cool, but what do these look like on Blackberry devices?

    • http://www.litmus.com Justine, Litmus

      Newer BlackBerries running version 10 of the BB operating system have full support for media queries and responsive design, so they should look very similar how they would on an iPhone.

      • Shannon Crabill

        Nice! Is that just in the BB Browser or in the BB email client as well?

        • http://www.litmus.com Justine, Litmus

          To be fair, I haven’t done much testing with emails in BlackBerry’s browser. Market share stats suggest that type of usage is quite low.

  • Andy Nolan

    Hi – Thanks for the templates, If I would like to modify and then generate the html to use in an email what do I need to do once I have made the required changes in Photoshop – Andy

    • http://www.litmus.com Justine, Litmus

      For small modifications, I’d suggest making those changes directly in the HTML. Unfortunately there’s no way to automatically generate email-friendly HTML from Photoshop—you’d need an experienced email designer/developer to translate the changes made into HTML that will be responsive and render correctly. If major changes are required, perhaps Stamplia has something that meets your needs without big modifications?

  • meervilt!

    Well, maybe their mail templates are OK, but their website sucks. Not at all useable on iPad. Slowww, lagging, stupid Feedback button (not responding) blocking the text, zero margins, cramped feeling.

  • http://www.hryzalek.cz Petr Doseděl

    Nice newsletters, thanks! But… Please, what about licensing?

    • http://www.litmus.com Justine, Litmus

      I’ve asked the folks at Stamplia to chime in regarding licensing. You can also check out their site or inquire directly with them.

      • Tom

        Hi Justine, Is there any update on licensing? Are they free to be modified and used for commercial projects? Thanks for your help.

        • http://www.litmus.com Justine, Litmus

          Hey Tom, I’d recommend getting in touch with Stamplia directly at team@stamplia.com

  • Thomas

    I wonder that nobody noticed, but although the templates are pretty nice….they are invalid! Each template has several general code misstakes and as we know, spam filters don´t like invalid code.

    • http://www.litmus.com Justine, Litmus

      There’s not much evidence to support the idea that invalid HTML would cause issues with spam filters. Due to lack of support in most email clients for modern/valid HTML and CSS, we’re often left to using deprecated or otherwise invalid markup. Stamplia is using an XHTML doctype, which is more strict, but as long as they aren’t any malformed/unclosed tags, other invalid HTML shouldn’t cause an issue with spam filters. I’ve written a guide to validating HTML for email here: https://litmus.com/blog/validating-html-for-email

      • Thomas

        That may be true, but even if Spamfilters of email-clients and ISP would´nt react to invalid Code (concerning the rules of W3C) – where is the sense in using invalide code anyway? I may be wrong and please correct me, but I think I saw some unclosed tags and other obvious coding misstakes in the offerd templates….

        • http://chrisawise.com Chris

          You are correct, I saw multiple border=0 tags in the same td’s ect.

          Still nice looking though.

  • Carol

    Hi, really? Please Justine, can you confirm that?

  • Sophie Hill

    I noticed in the templates there was a modulebg=”edit” st-sortable=”2columns” attribute in some of the table and td tags. Does anyone know how these work?

    • Jason Rodriguez

      Those tags are proprietary to Stamplia’s upcoming editor. If you are adapting the code on your own, you can either remove them or ignore them. If you take advantage of Stamplia’s (soon-to-be-released) editor product, then those tags are used to identify editable regions and make editing the content of the emails quick and easy without having to dig into the code itself.

    • jayant vyda

      st-sortable, st-edit and st-image are stamplia’s proprietory tags.These tags are used to build compatible templates to work with the stamplia editor. Stamplia editor is a power packed web application to build robust email templates and also has rich features to export your customized templates directly to major email service provider with a few clicks. These tags were left intact so that they can be imported into the stamplia editor and start building beautiful email templates without having to edit any code.

  • Megan Nalbandian

    Are these free downloads expired? The folder is empty when I download it…

    • http://www.litmus.com Justine, Litmus

      No, not expired. We’ve done some testing and didn’t have any trouble with the file. Can you try again in another browser, or email us (hello@litmus.com) if you’re still having trouble?

  • Keith

    Minty’s breaking in Firefox 27.01 for me. 2 & 3 across assets aren’t pushing to a vertical, they just push outside the parameters of the page.

    • http://www.litmus.com Justine, Litmus

      Firefox has some known issues with supporting responsive tables. The templates should be working fine in email clients, where they’re intended to be viewed. Have a peek at the Litmus results linked to above.

  • Tim Rinkel

    The information about st-* tags makes sense. I was looking through the Wooshi template and found “class=imagepop”. I don’t see a definition for it. Am I missing something?

  • Steven Hudson

    Nice templates, I like the design. https://www.themebulk.com/ also has beautiful and responsive themes too.

  • http://www.jefferywright.com/ JefferyWright

    The download templates interface elements do not appear/work in Chrome or Firefox, but do in IE? Why wouldn’t this site be coded for all major browsers?

    • http://www.litmus.com Justine, Litmus

      We’ve tested the download links in a variety of browsers and operating systems but haven’t been able to replicate this issue. Would you mind sending us an email with your browser/OS details so we can troubleshoot? We can be reached at hello@litmus.com.

    • Jake Forrester

      It’s actually the Chrome version of AdBlock that is removing it. Pause or disable adblock on this site and it should work again.

  • Hilary Lee

    I’m wondering if in the Nexit version, if the images are supposed to overlap each other when the screen resolution is pulled down to phone size. This template would work best for my business, but it does not seem to resize correctly when pulled down (in my web browser MAC Chrome). I’d be happy to send you a screenshot if you’re interested.

    • http://www.litmus.com Justine, Litmus

      The templates are built to be viewed in an email program rather than a web browser—in some cases they are using elements that aren’t supported in a modern web browser (but will be in an email program—go figure!). Check out the Litmus results linked to above.

  • HannahHudson

    I have a question. I’ve been following litmus’ blog and emails for a while now (great content and advice- so thanks!) and I’m just wondering if you have any luck with coding emails so that they are responsive in either a browser on a smartphone (so for example, if I check my gmail in the safari app- online) or the gmail app? I use css3 media queries, but both of those two mentioned above strip out that css, which leaves my emails “unresponsive”. Thanks!

    • http://www.litmus.com Justine, Litmus

      Thanks for the kind words! Your observations are spot-on. Since Gmail strips the entire of an email, including any elements (which would include your media query), responsive emails aren’t supported in the Gmail app on iOS or Android. Unfortunately there’s no way to get around this—what we recommend instead is layering a mobile first design that will look great everywhere with responsive elements for the apps/clients that will support it.

  • Patrick Krabeepetcharat

    I downloaded the templates, and copy/pasted the code from the “Minty” template into Benchmark (used their inliner), and tried sending it out to Litmus for testing. The results I got were not the same as the Litmus tests that this page linked to. Most notably, Android 2.3 and Android 4.2 were showing only the upper left corners of the email, whereas the tests that this page links to show the email properly scaled to fit the page.

    Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?

    • http://www.litmus.com Justine, Litmus

      It sounds like the media queries were removed or broken somewhere in that process. Is it possible that Benchmark’s inliner tool moved the media queries to be inline? If that’s the case, the responsive elements would likely behave erratically.

      • Patrick Krabeepetcharat

        Yes, it did. Also, it removed the classes from the images, so I had to manually add those back in. Looks great now, thanks!

  • Kris


    I am new here guys. Cn anyone tell me how to use those email templates? ive changed text and image for mine but have no idea how to send it as email. I am using Win7 with its mail client, have also gmail is it helps.

    Kindly waiting for replay.

    • http://www.litmus.com Justine, Litmus

      If you’re sending bulk emails to many people on a mailing list, we’d recommend using an email service provider (ESP). MailChimp and Campaign Monitor are both great entry-level tools to try!

      • Kris

        so i cant do it manually by myselfe?

        • http://www.litmus.com Justine, Litmus

          We recommend using an ESP. They have specialized features that help manage your list, unsubscribe requests, etc. They will also have full support for HTML emails (the free templates might not be compatible with personal mail clients). Once you start sending to large volumes of people, it’s important to actively manage your sending reputation to avoid issues with spam complaints.

  • http://www.appschopper.com/ Appschopper

    I Suggest Email Chopper (http://www.emailchopper.com) best responsive email template designer. Check the website.

  • http://www.pearltiles.com Martin Xu

    Thank you so much for the templates!

  • http://www.idea2psd.com/ John Abay

    Your template is amazing creativity.Good job.

  • Yogesh Mankani

    Super useful freebies, we have featured it here : http://theneodesign.com/free-email-newsletter-psd-templates/

  • Hector


  • techzone20
  • Kristin

    Is anyone else finding issue with the MINTY template? The template breaks pretty badly (columns pushed out of view) in Firefox (v 28) and in Gmail on Android (Galaxy Nexus) (td bg fill colors don’t fill the entire width; text isn’t aligned properly, etc.)

    • carmine

      i discovered that the minty template is missing a doctype that is found on the other litmus templates. if you add this doctype, the responsive columns work in firefox:

      Also needed to add and spacer image to the left and right of the main to fill background color on Gmail Android.

      • A+Sophie de Vargas

        THANK YOU!! I was going crazy with Firefox.

        Not pretty sure what you mean about the second part: “Also needed to add and spacer image to the left and right of the main to fill background color on Gmail Android.”…

      • Rebecca

        Thank you! I love the Minty template, but it was driving me crazy that the tables were not stacking, and I could not figure out why. You saved me a lot of time!

        • Jéssica

          I didn’t get it. What do I need to do in the main ? Please, help me! The template didn`t work properly in gmail on android.

          • Rebecca

            You’ll have to ask @carmine for details on adding the for the background, but here’s what you need to make the template work:

            Just copy and paste that code at the very top of the email, before the .

            Does that help?

          • Jéssica

            Thanks, but it`s still not working. @disqus_1Enif59WxT:disqus, may you help me? The template is all wrong on android.

  • http://www.themesrefinery.com/ Themesrefinery

    Nice collection of templates.Thanks for sharing with us.
    Rehman Ali

  • Marc West

    thanks for sharing! http://www.casinoberater.com. We are using the templates as a perfect marketing tool!

  • Michelle

    I sent the Tempo template through Mail Chimp to test and am having some issues. The iPhone mail is responsive but both the yahoo and gmail iPad apps show the non-responsive layout. Any ideas on why its not showing the “IPAD style” in these apps? I didn’t alter the code at all.

    • Martuxi


      I open the Templo template with Dreamweaver, and has two mistakes: on line 138 the table has border=”0″ twice, and line 198, the img has the same mistake. I test it on Mailchimp and it works.

  • Michelle

    Also, we noticed that the responsive layout does not work on Android mobile devices either.. Anyone know why?

    • Bill Wynne

      It is simply the technology that the android uses. They are working on cross browser compatibility. It is best to stick to the rules of html5 and css3 and they will comply to those rules eventually.
      I have installed these emails on http://leadcapturepageboss.com and they work great.

  • http://www.bugtreat.com/ BugtreatTechnologies

    What is the exact reason the layout doesn’t fit within the screen? Sometimes we need to scroll horizontally to view the right extreme of the layout.

  • Edudastisch

    Can’t find the download button

    • Hildebrand

      It’s gone once after you click it once.

  • sagar

    I have used wooshi template. The problem with this template is that It doesnt look proper on android gmail app. Banner Image Becomes smaller in android’s gmail app. What is the solution

    • http://www.antonoffplus.com/ Edvin Antonov

      Android gmail app basically ignore the rules because responsiveness is not supported there.

  • http://www.webwolf.co.za mommaroodles

    Just wondering how to download the templates – none of the “DOWNLOAD THE TEMPLATES” has a link

    • http://www.webwolf.co.za mommaroodles

      nm i found it – I used chrome

  • Juls Khanzhyna

    I created this flat email template you can DOWNLOAD FOR FREE. I used litmus to test it. THANKS LITMUS. You saved me 100 hours of testing.

  • Rachel

    I am having issues with how the underscore template renders in outlook.. but it could be how mailchimp is morphing it because i’m making it a template for one of our projects…

    nevertheless I love the set. This is a great resource, thanks for making it available

  • Jess

    So I’m a super newby and have no idea what I’m doing with these downloads. How do I get started?

  • Crow Meade

    Nice post!

    For any type of help related to the responsive email templates service, contact http://www.htmlpanda.com/

  • http://zahidlatif.com/accessories/jewellery.html Ruby shaikh

    Amazing material. Appreciate your blog.
    Thank you I found it helpful
    Shopify Canada

  • Lauren King

    I am having issues with these templates when I send through Exact Target – they are rendering for mobile, but aren’t full width. They take up about half of the screen instead of the entire screen. For “Tempo” which is my favorite, it appears on the left side of the screen and only takes up half. Any thoughts on how to fix this?

    • http://www.litmus.com Justine, Litmus

      Hi Lauren! Sounds like a great question for the folks over in the Community—you can post a code question or a discussion and get advice from all the experts. https://litmus.com/community

  • http://avidwebdesign.com.au Kerry

    Downloaded the zip package of templates. Tempo has some HTML errors where the border=”0″ is repeated on a table & image. I think you should get the base HTML perfect.

  • Matt920

    So, I’m amazed that nobody has pointed out the lack of an address field for most of these templates. FTC reg’s require an address on any commercial email, and I am guessing CASL requires it too.

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  • Elisa De Rosa

    Can someone help me? I’m heaving troubles with editing and importing the file in Outlook.
    1. Change the template in PSD? OR is there another option?
    2. How do i export this as HTML? And how do I include the links?


    • Simon Cave

      Hi Elisa, please contact us on Intercom (When you’re on the builder click on the question mark at the bottom right of the page)

      • Rob Milne

        I also have the same question. I’ve downloaded the files. Using Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver. I’m not sure what the builder is ? So I wasn’t able to find that “?” at the bottom right of the page. Help please! Thanks!

        • Stamplia

          Hey Rob please contact us on Intercom

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  • Ruben Rens

    Hi, just a quick note to say thank you very much for the amazing
    templates. I was about to purchase something on ThemeForest and then I saw your site. Not often that you find something that works this well for free.

  • AC

    VERY important note: if you are using these templates for non-US versions of Outlook, do not include comments in the CSS stylesheet. The comments cannot be read by certain versions of Outlook, and Outlook will automatically make the email appear to be blank.

  • Natasha

    These templates haven’t been thoroughly tested. Minty breaks when in Outlook and judging by the comments some of the other templates aren’t any better. Considering what Litmus does, you’d expect better.

    • http://www.litmus.com Justine, Litmus

      Hey Natasha! The templates were all tested with Litmus (see the links to results above). Outlook is pretty picky when it comes to syntax, properly closed tags, and that sort of thing. Is it possible that an unclosed tag made its way into the content during the editing process?

    • Hannah Smeznik

      It looks like some of the images have duplicate attributes within the tags. Try removing them and test to see if it renders properly. Hope it works!

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  • Jules Antonio

    I use a template editor and never had any compatibility issue. Way to go!, MailStyler :)

  • Dustin Knotek

    I am having 2 problems with the minty template:

    1. when viewed on IPhone the email stacks properly but the whole email is zoomed out when opened. So, it seems to be reading the media queries correctly but it doesn’t fill the screen properly. On Litmus it is testing ok on their screen shot but this is not the case on the actual device. I have tried on two different iPhone 5s and received the same issue.

    2. I am trying to create an email that is 90% images for a car dealership to be used as a template for other emails. When I delete of the type under the image blocks along with the containing tables and rows it breaks the design.

    I have the most problems with the google mail app for Andriod. Even if I leave the type table elements in the stucture and just delete the type it still breaks. I even tried reducing the amount of type and if it does not wrap at least one line it breaks.

    I Also tried placing blank DIVs, TDs, whole tables all with a set width and added height to substitute for the type but nothing seems to be working. As soon as I replace a line of text that wraps at least once the stucture holds. Hopefully there is some kind of hack that will fix this issue. I just haven’t been able to find it.

  • Darren Hayward

    Our team at Fertile Frog build our emails using custom HTML in Mailchimp. You could also inport these templates in too

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    great templates are here you may also visit http://www.htmlgang.com/ html templates free download

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    Wonderful collection of email templates Lauren. These could come in handy – especially for small business enterprises who are just introducing email marketing as one of their marketing channels. We have designed and coded something similar that may be of help. It’s a master email template specific for MailChimp users. This is a responsive template and and is only a one-time effort for customising using the user’s brand assets. You can find the jackpot here: http://bit.ly/1xysMvq – its definitely designed to put the email template design headache at bay!

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    Great feel and good looking email templates

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  • Jim Gray

    Very helpful and user-friendly commenting, thanks for a great resource!

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