Go from Panic to Recovery with This Email Marketing Mistakes Decision Tree [Infographic]

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Panic! You’ve just realized that you made a mistake with your latest email marketing campaign. What do you do next?

Take a deep breath and refer to the decision tree below, which will take you step-by-step through 6 questions that will help you decide how to recover from email marketing mistakes quickly and with as much grace as possible.

Given how dynamic, complex, and quick the email marketing medium is, mistakes are virtually impossible to avoid. So keep this decision tree handy to ensure that you bounce back with response that minimizes the impact and avoids drawing more attention to the mistake.

(For a full discussion of how to use this decision tree, download our free “How to Recover from Email Marketing Mistakes” report.)


How to Recover from Mistakes

This free report shares advice and real-life examples that help you recover from email marketing mistakes quickly and with grace.