Gmail Drops to #9; Android Poised to Upset iPad for #3 Spot

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Six months after Gmail’s tabbed inbox was announced, opens in this webmail client have continued to decline. Gmail opens are down a full percentage point since May, or a 27% decrease. As a result, Gmail moved down a notch to the #9 spot in the top ten for October.


In contrast, Gmail’s cousin Android is poised for a potential iPad upset. After claiming Apple Mail’s #4 spot in May, Android only needs a little less than a percentage point gain to beat out iPad for it’s #3 spot: Android saw 11.34% of opens in October compared to iPad’s 12.19%.


To our surprise, mobile opens had hit 50% midway through the month! Our excitement was short lived, though… that finding proved premature after results rolled in for the entire month. Mobile, desktop and webmail opens are currently stalled:


Meanwhile, opens in each mobile operating system have seen some pretty dramatic changes:

  • While BlackBerry only represents a tenth of total email opens, opens have increased 150% this year.
  • Similarly, Windows Phone, which accounts for two-tenths of opens, has increased 20% in the past 10 months.
  • Android opens have increased 44%, from around 8% to over 11%.
  • Unsurprisingly, iPad and iPhone have also gained share. iPhone opens have increased 9% since January, while iPad opens increased 12%.

We’re still predicting that mobile opens will hit 50% by year end! Between October and December last year, mobile opens saw a 13% change. Another 13% increase between now and and the end of the year would put mobile opens at 53%.


Since the September 18th release of Apple’s latest mobile operating system, iOS 7 opens have increased 189% and now account for 72% of iOS opens: