Get Your Email Reviewed at Live Email Optimization Sessions at Litmus Live

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The first Litmus Live (formerly The Email Design Conference) in San Francisco was a big success! We heard lots of great feedback and suggestions about speakers, content, and even the food. A common thread we heard from many attendees was a desire to share what they were working on while getting feedback on how they could improve. To that end, we’re pleased to announce the addition of live email optimization sessions during Litmus Live London and Boston!

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Litmus Live (formerly known as The Email Design Conference) brings the email community together to celebrate their craft and give email professionals a platform to learn, share, and grow. With sessions covering everything from marketing strategy to innovative email development techniques and production processes, you’ll take away actionable advice that will have immediate impact. (And bonus: You can totally still submit your email for live optimization!)

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These 20- or 30- minute sessions take place after lunch each day, making sure you’re awake (!) and that you’ll have plenty of A/B testing suggestions, quick wins, optimization tips and other advice to take back to the office. Registered attendees can submit their emails for review and I’ll share as many as we can, soliciting tips from the audience and our speakers. It promises to be fun, fast-paced and full of insight: you’ll literally get a chance to have your email assessed by a room full of experts. It’s also a great chance to show off your latest redesign or foray into responsive design techniques!


If getting a live email review from 150+ email experts isn’t reason enough reason to register, you can also download our trip justification document (good for stingy bosses!) or check out our massive list of reasons why you should attend (hint: no stupid software pitches, lots of networking, and crazy smart speakers).

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