Free trial idea

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David and I have been discussing whether or not to offer a free trial of SiteVista to people after we launch. Here’s what we’re proposing:

  • Sign up for the trial with just your name and email (no credit card required)
  • With your free account you can test a single web page
  • You can retest that page unlimited times
  • With your single web page test you can only see results from Internet Explorer 6
  • There will be other sites’ results (like MSN, Slashdot, or whatever) in your account that provide examples of the other tests – such as the full range of web browsers, accessibility tests and so on

The difficulty with a service like ours is that each additional user takes a sizable chunk of our resources (PC time to actually perform the tests). That’s why we need to limit the free accounts somehow, but hopefully still give people a feel for how the service works, its interface, how fast it is, etc.
What do you think? Would these limitations on the free accounts be too restrictive? Or are they quite fair, and enough to give people a good idea of how it works?