Four Amazing (and Useful!) New Products

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The development team at Litmus recently spent an entire week focused on a building and launching a product of their choosing. The end result was a lot of hard work, a few late nights, and four amazing new products.

1. Email QA Checklist

This tool instantly performs seven quality and best practice checks to ensure your email looks—and works—the way it should.

Simply paste your HTML into the checklist, and we’ll look for:

  • A web/hosted version to be sure that your email is viewable in all environments
  • Absolute URLs for both images and links
  • The presence of alt attributes on images
  • Width and height attributes for images
  • Inclusion of a title tag 

Verify your HTML with →

2. Email Client Market Share Leaderboard

This site displays up-to-date figures for the top 10 email clients; covering webmail, mobile and desktop stats.

Using data compiled from Email Analytics, you’re able to keep tabs on which email clients and mobile devices are on top, month after month.

See the stats at 

3. Alkaline for Windows

While Mac users have been able to utilize Alkaline to test emails via Litmus with a native app for years, PC users were left out in the cold. We are pleased to offer Alkaline for Windows, which is compatible with Windows XP and later.

Get Alkaline for Windows now →

4. Joyride

Joyride allows you to test websites that require various types of user input. After following your instructions, Joyride delivers a series of screenshots that reflect each step along the way:

You can ask Joyride to:

  • Visit pages
  • Fill in text fields
  • Click links
  • Press buttons
  • Choose fields
  • Check/uncheck boxes
  • Select values

If part of your acceptance testing for websites includes checking boxes, filling out fields, or submitting forms, there hasn’t been a great solution for automating that series of steps—until now.

Take Joyride for a spin →