Facebook Messages Giveaway Recap

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On Friday, we held a contest on Twitter to give away five invitations to Facebook Messages. We asked our followers to reply and tell us why Facebook Messages will change email marketing (or not). Of course, responses were limited to 128 characters or less after including @litmusapp in replies. We had a ton of great responses, and it was hard to choose only five as winners!

And the winners were…

No because people don’t trust Facebook enough and Yahoo/Hotmail/Gmail have such a huge lead – impossible to overcome, IMO. (via @KyleRohde)

Without personal messages in their webmail, users will check email less often but will be more engaged when they do. (via @iamelliot)

Lack of filters’n’folders in fb means ppl will still need 2 chk existing inbox but Facebook experience will b greatly enhanced (via @getintheinbox)

More Litmus testing will be needed, plain text versions will be more popular, and novices will be revealed by FB-blue hyperlinks! (via @inkreaser)

From designer standpoint Facebook forces emphasis on plain text design/strong copy. I’m thinking an Ascii art revival 🙂 (via @stylecampaign)

Ascii art revival?

As Paul mentioned in a previous post, Facebook Messages defaults to the plain text part of the message. Could this mean an ascii art revivial, as suggested by Elliot and Anna? They’ve even provided a link to get the movement started.

What’s your take on how Facebook Messages will change interactive marketing (or not)?