Episode 1: The Gmail API, CASL and Your Favorite Hacks

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Welcome to the Email Design Podcast—the only podcast devoted to the art of email design.

In the inaugural episode, hosts Kevin Mandeville and Jason Rodriguez take a look at Gmail’s new API, what you need to know about Canada’s new anti-spam law, your favorite email hacks and one of the coolest emails we’ve ever seen. Be sure to follow along and join in the discussion on Twitter using #EmailDesignPodcast.

Watch the full video above or listen to the audio-only version below.

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In this episode:

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  • RD

    For anyone looking for Dan’s git repository that is mentioned; https://github.com/dandenney/emayll

  • Moaaz Sidat

    For Dreamweaver users who dig the Preview feature, they should check out Brackets’ Live Preview feature. They might find that helpful for email design.

    Interesting podcast folks! Thanks for sharing your insights!

  • Lydia Roberts

    The image to table convertor is wild. I think I saw it a while ago but didn’t make the connection with using it for *very simple* images in email as a workaround to images being turned off. Neat idea!

  • Willis Wonka

    Great information guys! Looking forward to the next one. I was trying to find the image to table resource you mentioned , but didn’t have any luck. Any way you could provide that link?

    • http://kevingotbounce.com/ Kevin Mandeville

      Hey Willis! The image to table converter is here: http://codepen.io/johndjameson/full/qcaAm. It’s posted above in the notes as well – we’ll always be sure to post all the links we mention in the show notes!

      • Willis Wonka

        Awesome, thanks Kevin. Definitely over looked that. Looking forward to episode 2!

  • http://www.tedgoas.com/ Ted Goas

    Waiting for Episode 2…. ** rapidly taps fingers on desk ** … ⌘R …

    • http://kevingotbounce.com/ Kevin Mandeville

      Next one is scheduled to go out before The Email Design Conference! Be on the lookout for the podcast to hit the Email Design Newsletter this month too =)

  • Elizabeth

    Fab podcast – loads of really useful information. That image to table thing has been done before, by Style Campaign back in 2010: http://stylecampaign.com/blog/category/image-html-app/

    I’d love to see something about HTML5 video in email in a future podcast, and something about using animated SVG images. Litmus uses them so well in the TEDC emails.

    I would also really love to study the source code of that B&Q email – could you possibly make it available please? Good luck tracking the designer down!