Emails Opened on Mobile? Start Designing for Fingers and Thumbs

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The explosive growth of mobile email opens is really astonishing. Updating our monthly email market share stats gives me an opportunity to look at trends and comparisons over time, and also consider what we should do in response to those figures.

While mobile opens are holding steady around 43% in Q1 this year, two years ago (in Q1 of 2011), mobile opens were just a blip at barely 10%. That’s an incredible 330% change over two years! And that massive growth had to come from somewhere: desktop clients have seen a 44% decrease and webmail share has shrunk about 22%.


This means that both business and consumer audiences are reading more email on their phones and tablets—and using their fingers and thumbs to navigate.

So what does this explosive growth of mobile mean for your email designs? Design for “one thumb and one eyeball” — increase font and button sizes, give designs breathing room, and focus on valuable content.



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