Email Testing in Chrome Has Arrived!

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Google’s Chrome browser has been steadily gaining market share in recent months. With more consumers choosing to use Chrome during their personal browsing time away from the office, it’s no surprise that we’ve also seen an uptick in email-related Chrome usage recently. This data, along with plenty of customer requests, was a pretty compelling reason to add Chrome-based email testing to Litmus.

Announcing Email Testing in Chrome

Chrome Email Testing

We’re very excited to offer support for Chrome previews in Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! and AOL webmail clients. This feature is available for all Litmus subscribers, and can be selected when starting new email tests in your Litmus account:

Selecting Chrome in Litmus

Free Trial For New Customers

If you’re new to Litmus, we’re offering a free 14-day trial of our Plus plan. This includes unlimited screenshots (including Chrome!) in Email Tests, as well as access to Email Analytics, where you can find out how many of your subscribers are opening email in Chrome. There’s no credit card required for this trial.

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How Important is Chrome?

Webmail Market Share in Chrome

Using our Email Analytics technology, we’re able to detect which web browsers subscribers use to check email in services such as Yahoo! and Gmail. Surprisingly, 44% of all Chrome-based webmail opens occur in Hotmail. That said, Chrome is the preferred browser of Gmail users, with 39% of Gmail subscribers opening in Chrome. Hotmail users choose Chrome about 22% of the time, while about 14% of Yahoo! users opt for Google’s browser.

Webmail Opens in Chrome

Email Opens in Chrome

Taking a look at Chrome opens as a percentage of all opens in major webmail clients, Chrome is currently in 3rd place behind Internet Explorer and Firefox. Chrome users accounted for almost 19% of total webmail opens in March 2012 while Internet Explorer remains the top choice at nearly 55%.

Chrome Market Share in Email Opens