Automated email testing with a desktop application

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Geert De Laet recently contacted me to tell me about a desktop application he built. It helps his designers test their emails more efficiently using Litmus. Geert works for LUON, a company in Belgium with an email marketing product called EmailGarage. Here’s a screenshot of Geert’s application:

The designers at LUON were put off testing their emails early in the design process because they’d need to upload the images and HTML for their templates first.

“This led to the fact that the emails were only tested last minute when everything was put in order to actually send the email,” Geert told me, “and we have a couple of Litmus accounts, which made it even more difficult for the designers.”

Geert set up a network drive—accessible from the web—where the designers can copy/paste their email designs into a folder. His desktop application asks for their HTML file, then automatically changes the image references inside it. Finally, it displays a preview of the email and sends it to the correct Litmus account.

The application uses the static email addresses for LUON’s Litmus accounts to send in the email test to Litmus, making it a very straightforward integration project.

He has plans to streamline the process even further, eliminating the manual copying of files and instead uploading automatically to a cloud storage service. “Another thing I’d possibly add is a check on the weight of the email, so I can make sure the designers have optimised their images!”

My thanks to Geert for sharing details of his application with us. If you’ve built something with Litmus I’d be fascinated to hear about it.