Announcing the Email QA Checklist

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We’ve updated Checklist to include more even more checks—and we’ve integrated it directly within the Litmus app. Check it out!

Sprint Week was exactly that—a sprint! Last week, each of the developers at Litmus worked hard to design and implement something (anything!) that would help drive business here at Litmus.

A checklist advocate, Florin never misses an opportunity to document a new procedure or helpful tip. So imagine our shock (ha!) when Florin’s sprint week project involved… an email QA checklist.

Email QA (quality assurance) is a decidedly not fun but absolutely critical step before sending out a campaign. In addition to using email previews and spam filter tests to get your email ready to send, you can also run your HTML through our checklist to ensure other best practices are in place.

The Email Checklist looks for:

  • A web/hosted version to be sure that your email is viewable in all environments
  • Absolute URLs for both images and links
  • The presence of alt attributes on images
  • Width and height attributes for images
  • Inclusion of a title tag 

Don’t forget to verify your email’s HTML through on your next campaign!