Email Client Market Share: Where People Opened in 2013

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2013 was a big year for the email marketing world. Mobile opens finally hit and surpassed the 50% mark, while Android moved from the #6 spot to #3 spot and now represents 12% of total opens. In April, following months of anticipation, finally replaced Hotmail. After a brief trip to the #4 spot, ended the year at #7 and represents 6% of opens.

Google caused quite the commotion with the introduction of Gmail tabs in May, not to mention the addition of image caching and automatic image downloads in December. While the introduction of tabs resulted in a 24% decrease in Gmail opens between May and November, it had little effect on clicks and unsubscribes.

With the elimination of automatic image blocking in Gmail, opens increased from 3% to 6% that month. Since open tracking relies on an image being downloaded, it makes sense that Gmail opens would have increased with the addition of images being displayed automatically. We’ll definitely be keeping a close eye on Gmail opens this year!

Between the replacement of Hotmail with, major Gmail changes, and a continuous increase in mobile opens, email client market share stats saw quite the shift in 2013. In this infographic, we take a deep dive into these statistics!

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Stats to tweet:

  • 51% of emails are now opened on a mobile device—Tweet this
  • Mobile email opens increased 21% in 2013—Tweet this
  • iPhone and Outlook were the #1 and #2 email clients all year in 2013—Tweet this
  • 38% of all emails are opened on iOS—Tweet this
  • Android email opens increased 57% in 2013—Tweet this
  • Gmail email opens increased 50% in 2013—Tweet this

Care to check out a more detailed month-by-month look at these stats? Browse through each month’s highlights and video from 2013 below: