Announcing the Email Client Leaderboard

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Sprint Week has been exactly that—a sprint! This week, each of the developers at Litmus have been working hard to design and implement something (anything!) that would help drive business here at Litmus.

While Eddie, Florin and Brendan each had several ideas they were considering, Justin knew exactly what he wanted to build: The email client market share leaderboard.

This site displays up-to-date figures for the top 10 email clients; covering webmail, mobile and desktop stats. Similar to the market share infographics we shared in the past, the data is compiled using Email Analytics and represents opens made worldwide by customers using the tool. Stats automatically update each month, and will include a graph showing how each client has changed over the last year:

Feel free to use this data for non-commercial purposes, and check back often as new data will automatically be pushed to the site at the start of each month.