Email Analytics Changes


We’re very pleased to announce some exciting changes to Email Analytics, including the addition of individual-level tracking!

Email Analytics Pro allows you to collect data for individual subscribers on your mailing list and export it direct from Litmus. For example, use our data to identify customers that use their iPhone regularly and send them a targeted message regarding your upcoming app. Or send a content-rich newsletter to your most engaged subscribers. The data allows you to segment your lists in ways you never thought were possible.

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What’s the difference between Basic and Pro?

Basic Email Analytics is the same product we’ve had available for the last nine months or so. With Basic Email Analytics you can collect data on which email clients and mobile devices your recipients are using, engagement data regarding how long subscribers have your email open, as well as natural forwards and prints. With Email Analytics Pro, you can collect all this data (and more) on an individual level, meaning that you can tell exactly who opened in specific clients or on a mobile device.

What else has changed?

We’ve modified our Plus and Premium plans. Plus plans will include two Basic tracking codes per month, while Premium plans will include two Pro tracking codes per month.

If you’re a current Email Analytics user, you’ll notice that your account looks a bit different. Lists and Campaigns have been removed, and all the emails you’ve sent using Email Analytics will appear together in your Analytics tab.

Why two tracking codes a month?

After looking at the majority of customer data, we noticed that most customers were using Email Analytics once or twice a month.

Can I purchase additional codes beyond two per month?

Yes, you can purchase additional codes right inside your Litmus account. Basic codes are $49 each and Pro codes are $99 each.

Why do Pro tracking codes cost more?

Email Analytics Pro involves the collection of much more detailed data. We’ll also be adding additional features to Pro tracking soon (think geolocation and more graphs!)

Can I purchase a Pro tracking code if I have a Plus account?

Due to the resources needed to store an increased amount of data, we need to limit Pro tracking codes to Premium accounts.

Why the changes?

As we began piloting individual-level tracking (Email Analytics Pro) with customers, we gathered lots of feedback. We also sent out a survey to Email Analytics users asking them to share details about how they used the tool. We combined this feedback with some data from our customer support case management tool to get a full picture of how Email Analytics was being used. One of the most common questions we received was to explain the difference between a campaign and a list. We also discovered that no two accounts were using campaigns and lists the same way. We decided to remove campaigns and lists to simplify things and make it less confusing. We’ll soon be adding tagging capabilities to Email Analytics so that reports can be organized and filtered in a much more customizable way.

Are there limits to list size?

No, not at this time.

How will this affect my existing lists and campaigns?

You’ll see that all of the List categories that were once in your account have now been moved to a prefix in front of your Campaign name. Below is an example of what an account would look like before and after the change.

Email Analytics Changes

Do tracking codes roll over month to month?

Yes. For example, if you’ve been using Litmus for three months, but haven’t yet used Email Analytics, you’ll have 6 tracking codes available for use.

How does this affect existing customers?

Existing customers will receive an email containing information regarding their account transition. If you have any questions or have not received an email, please contact us at and we’ll get things straightened out.

I’m on a Max plan. How am I affected?

Ask your account administrator – they should should receive an email from us soon. If not, please send us an email at and we’ll look into it.

What happens if I’m on an annual plan?

Existing customers on annual plans will receive a bulk credit of tracking codes to their account in accordance with the number of months remaining on their plan. Your account administrator will receive an email with more details.

If I have existing emails or templates containing Email Analytics tracking codes, can I upgrade these to include individual-level tracking?

Since we collect more data when you use an Email Analytics Pro tracking code, the database structure is set up a bit differently. This means you’ll need to create a new tracking code that is specific to Email Analytics Pro. Pro tracking codes are formatted a bit differently and also include a merge tag that allows your mail provider to include your recipient’s email address.

What happens if I don’t include the merge tag on a Pro tracking code?

You’ll still get data back on email client usage, engagement, prints and forwards. However, the data won’t be linked back to individual subscribers.

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